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As one of Australia’s largest energy efficiency specialists with vast experience across the Australian health and aged care industry, we make your journey easy. You are supported all the way from a viability study through to project implementation and energy certificate creation. 

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Commercial & Environmental Care.

The underlying theme of care within the health industry is obvious, with clients often speaking of the drive to make better decisions within their organisations that have a benefit to the environment. We have worked with small clinics implementing smarter lighting and water heating to reduce their energy consumption, large retail chains making inroads toward their climate targets, and manufacturing facilities undertaking significant multi-technology upgrades to transform their business for the better. 

Social responsibility is one aspect of smart energy – it is also financially responsible. Using less energy while generating your own clean energy leads to significant savings in overheads, simultaneously mitigating the impact of climate change and reducing running costs.

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Health Care Energy Efficiency Services.

Following a site assessment, our Specialists will make recommendations from a range of technologies:

Solar Rooftop solar + battery systems to create and use your own clean energy
EV Charging Electric vehicle chargers for staff and guests
LED Lighting LED lighting and smart lighting solutions for efficiency, safety and comfort
Heat pump hot water

Heat pump hot water units that are up to 70% more energy-efficient than electric units

In addition to our energy products, our sustainable services include:

  • Understanding your renewable energy and sustainability objectives
  • Full business and onsite assessment of utility assets, source and infrastructure
  • Current energy consumption analysis
  • Renewable energy feasibility and ROI recommendation
  • Carbon emission and potential offset management
  • Review of current sustainability practices including supply chain, water and waste management
  • Climate Active certification processing
  • Sourcing available grants or incentives

Sustainability In Health Care.

Our role is to provide a full suite of tailored solutions and to help facilitate your sustainability transformation – we are not just energy consultants.

You’ll work directly with a specialist team experienced in working with healthcare providers, understanding the challenges and future needs for the sector. 

Since 2007, Ecovantage has worked with GP and vet clinics, healthcare manufacturing, and retail, delivering a range of services designed to meet specific environmental, budget, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) needs. 

Talk to us about smart lighting, water heating and EV chargers for your business, and how you can produce and store clean energy through rooftop solar and battery systems.

Thornbury Veterinary Hospital
Australian Health & Aged Care Gold Supplier

Ecovantage are proud to be a Gold Certified Supplier of the Australian Health & Aged Care resource guide. 

Modbury Medical & Dental.

A ForHealth organisation, Modbury Medical & Dental undertook an LED lighting upgrade at their premises. This upgrade not only creates a more comfortable environment, it also saves 163.73 tonnes of CO2e emissions every year.

Laverty Pathology.

A Healius company, Laverty Pathology undertook an upgrade on it’s lighting to provide a more functional and comfortable working environment, reduce energy consumption and overheads, and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint.

With 1,187 lights upgraded, Laverty will save over $120,000 annually.

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Lighting Upgrade at Laverty

Norwood Medical & Dental Care.

Part of the ForHealth group, following an LED lighting upgrade Norwood Medical & Dental Care is saving 75% on lighting costs, and 174.93 tonnes of CO2e per annum.

Norwood Medical and Dental

Springfield Vet Hospital.

In response to the growing demand, to create a value-add for their customers and local community, and reflect their values towards making a difference to climate change, Queensland’s Springfield Vets installed a commercial quality electric vehicle charger at their premises.

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Springfield Vet Hospital
Vets for Climate Action

Proudly Supporting Vets for Climate Action.

Vets for Climate Action and Ecovantage help clinics reduce their emissions, support members to educate and engage people within their own circles of influence, and advocate for policies that reduce Australia’a climate pollution at local, state and federal levels.

Ecovantage + Healthcare.

Ecovantage understands the health care industry and the nuances of working within health care facilities. Not only do we have extensive experience working with clients from nursing homes, hospitals, labs, clinics, and manufacturing facilities, we also have key staff who worked within the industry and know it inside and out. Each facility’s needs are considered, and we design a solution and project schedule to suit the budget, building and business.

Dorevitch Pathology
Endeavour Foundation
Kallara Care
Campbelltown Private Hospital
Catholic Healthcare

End-to-End Solutions.

Supporting you from site assessment and product supply to certificate generation and trading.

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