Case Study

Pathology Lab Saves Thousands

Laverty Pathology Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 75%

Laverty Pathology

This energy-efficient lighting upgrade will reduce Laverty’s lighting energy consumption by 75% and save them approximately $123,000 in energy bills every year, helping a payback period of only 4 months.

Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

4 Months

Reduction in Lighting Energy Usage


Laverty Pathology Lab.

Healius is one of Australia’s leading healthcare companies offering a wide range of services in it’s numerous pathology laboratories, diagnostic imaging centres, day hospitals and IVF clinics. As a parent company to many other healthcare businesses around Australia, Healius provides specialised services to both patients and healthcare professionals. 

In early 2021, one of Healius’ pathology labs, run by its subsidiary company Laverty, engaged Ecovantage to assess and ultimately upgrade its lighting.

The Project – Better Lighting Required.

The team at Laverty sought Ecovantage’s services to reduce its energy consumption and associated overheads. The existing lights were not providing adequate lighting within the labs and so Laverty wanted to improve this aspect of its working environments. As part of its broader environmental targets, Laverty also wanted to reduce its carbon footprint.

The project at Laverty involved the replacement of twin T8 fluorescent lights with new Emerald Planet Vanguard LED panels at its 24/7 industrial pathology lab. A total of 1,187 lights were replaced bringing the much needed lighting improvements.

A Saving of $123,000 per Year – ROI 4 Months

Amongst the many aesthetic and visual improvements of the lighting upgrade, Laverty benefits from many financial and environmental benefits. It is expected that this upgrade will save Laverty approximately $123,000 in energy bills every year! Over the lifetime of these new lights, it will be a saving of over $786,000! 

Laverty has reduced its lighting energy consumption by 75% which will help its extremely short payback period of only 4 months. This will undoubtedly reduce Laverty’s environmental footprint and push them closer towards its environmental goals.

Key Benefits.

  • A safer and more pleasant working environment
  • 711.31 tonne reduction in carbon emissions per year
  • 75% reduction in energy usage
  • 36% reduction in lighting costs per annum
  • Lighting payback 0.34 years


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