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Your Solar Powered Home.

Take control of your energy costs and say goodbye to high electricity bills with rooftop solar. 

Solar is a key to a clean energy future and at Ecovantage we are helping households harness the sun’s free energy to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. With a solar setup designed to suit your roof, you can reduce your reliance on grid electricity and start reducing your electricity costs.

Australian homes with solar

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How Solar Works.

Rooftop solar uses photovoltaic (PV) cells to convert sunlight into a useful form of energy, electricity, reducing the need for fossil fuels. These PV cells in the panel absorb sunlight, causing electric charges to move around inside the cells. This movement of charges creates electricity which can be used to power appliances.

Rooftop solar systems use a two-way flow of electricity with the grid, enabling them to return surplus generated power back into the network. Homes draw grid power if the solar panels don’t generate enough to cover demand, and extra solar power goes back into the grid, often resulting in credits with the energy provider that can be used against future energy bills.

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Even More Savings!

Selling Surplus Electricity with Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)

A FiT is a credit you can receive for any unused electricity sent back to the grid. Also known as a buy-back rate, it’s usually a set rate per kilowatt hour paid as a credit on your energy bills.


Benefits of Adding Solar Panels for your Home.

  • Lowers your electricity bills by generating free, renewable energy.
  • Offers potential for long-term savings through feed-in-tariff.
  • Makes your property more attractive to future buyers.
  • Reduces your dependence on external energy sources and volatile fuel prices.
  • Provides reliable power even in remote or off-grid locations.
  • Rebates can lower your out-of-pocket cost.
  • Reduces your household’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.

Electrify Your Home.

Switching to all-electric homes with solar power can lead to substantial savings on annual energy expenses. Discover all the essential information to transition seamlessly today.

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