1.What is the difference between a commercial and domestic solar panel?

Size. Commercial panels are bigger and therefore higher wattage. They are often the same efficiency. Most domestic roofs cannot fit commercial solar panels due to the spacing of the roof supports.

2.What does it mean to be a “Tier 1” panel?

The common ‘Tier 1’ rating was developed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation to rate solar panel manufacturers in terms of financial stability. It does not mean a panel offers the highest performance or quality.

3.What is our warranty policy?

We offer a full 24-month warranty on all aspects of the system, after 24 months the manufacturer’s performance and product warranties continue, should these required to be used we will mediate so the end user is not stuck talking to major company with no support.

4.What products do we use?

We only use trusted brands with a proven presence and track record in Australia, this includes:
Inverters: SMA, Huawei, Fronius, Sungrow, Enphase
Panels: Jinko, Canadian Solar, Longi, Q-Cell, REC, Trina
Mounting System: Clenergy

6.What is the solar process like for the domestic client?

We will send you a brief survey that gathers the data required for your quote. We will then custom design a solar system for your needs and provide you with a quote. Once the quote is accepted, we will raise a deposit invoice. Once this deposit is paid we will perform all needed retailer and network paperwork and have the installer perform a site visit to ensure the job runs smoothly on installation day. Once this is done a date of installation is booked. The client is required to be home the day of installation as they will be required for Wi-Fi set up and to pay at the end of the project via cheque, EFT or Credit Card. Within 7 days a warranty and handover document package will be sent via Australia post to the client for safe keeping.

7.Are we a CEC approved company?

Ecovantage is a fully licenced and insured business with all our installers and designers holding both CEC and Electrical licences. The Managers of our solar division also hold their CEC and electrical licence but currently Ecovantage is not a CEC approved retailer.

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