Solar Victoria Rebate

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Ecovantage is Australia’s largest Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) offering the widest range of Australian energy savings incentives. 

As an authorised hot water retailer, we are excited to now offer eligible Victorian customers the Solar Victoria Hot water rebate of up to $1,000 off their upgrade to a heat pump hot water system.

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What is the Offer?

The hot water rebate (formerly the solar hot water rebate) will cover up to 50% of the cost of a hot water system, with properties eligible for a rebate of up to $1,000. This is additional to the existing Federal government rebate and the existing State government rebate.

We offer a range of heat pump hot water systems to suit most households. Please complete the Heat Pump Application form and speak with our team to find out which unit is most suitable and how much it will be to upgrade. 

Solar Vic heat pump rebate

Example of how the rebates work, with example costs.

How Does it all Work?

Am I Eligible for the Solar Victoria Rebate?

As a Victorian householder, you could receive a hot water rebate if you meet the following criteria:

yesyou are the owner-occupier of an existing property where the system is to be installed

yesthe combined household taxable income of all owners is less than $210,000 per year

yesthe property is valued at under $3 million

yesthe property address has not previously received a hot water rebate or a solar battery rebate under the Solar Homes Program

yesthe hot water system to be replaced is at least three years old from the date of purchase.

As stated on the Solar Victoria website:

Householders cannot receive the same Solar Homes rebate more than once. For example, if a householder has previously received a hot water rebate, they cannot receive another hot water rebate for the same property.

Once you’re confident that you and your property meet the eligibility criteria, you can start the application process.

Solar Rebate Checklist.

Make the application quick and easy with our eligibility checklist.

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Solar Victoria Rebate Checklist

Upgrade to Heat Pump Hot Water

How much you can save, how a heat pump works, and everything else you need to know.

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We are offering the Solar Vic rebate on upgrades from gas hot water systems only. 

In line with the other Solar Homes Program products and their rebate types, hot water’s rebate will cover up to 50% of the cost of a hot water system with properties eligible for a rebate of up to $1000.
(As stated on the Solar Vic FAQs)

Yes, they can all be claimed on the same eligible product. The hot water rebate is calculated after any other discounts have been applied (including STC and VEEC) and is a 50% rebate on the purchase price of the system up to the value of $1000. 

Complete the Heat Pump Application & book in a call with one of our Energy Efficiency Specialists.

No, only owner-occupier households are eligible for a hot water rebate.
(As stated on the Solar Vic FAQs)

The rebate amount is deducted from your final proposal. Solar Victoria will pay the rebate directly to us after installation occurs.

No. If you have already installed a heat pump, you will not be able to claim a rebate after installation.
(As stated on the Solar Vic FAQs)

Yes. If you have moved house, you can apply for a hot water rebate, solar PV rebate and loan and a battery loan as the owner occupier of the property you have moved to.
(As stated on the Solar Vic FAQs)

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*Figures are indicative only to demonstrate the savings available through federal and state financial incentives, and the Solar Victoria rebate. A proposal will be provided before the sale is final and all costs discussed.