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Stockland Baulkham Hills Slashes Car Park Lighting Costs

Stockland Baulkham Hills

Stockland Baulkham Hills slashed their ongoing car park energy and maintenance costs by upgrading to energy efficient LEDs with in-built motion sensors and smart-sense controls.

Car Park Entry Energy Savings


Car Park Main Energy Savings


The Project

In May 2016 Stockland commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy efficient lighting upgrade in the large internal car park at its Baulkham Hills shopping centre.

Stockland Baulkham Hills

Car Park Lighting

In the main car park area Stockland opted for enLighten’s Chamaeleon 3 with integrated microwave motion sensor, which triggers a gradual transition between standby & full light output when movement is detected. The combination of energy efficient LEDs and motion sensors help provide energy savings of up to 90% compared with the original twin fluorescent tube fittings.

For the car park and shopping centre entrances Stockland chose the Tauro Blu LED low bay light in place of their existing metal halide fittings, generating savings of up to 70%.

Unlike the main section of a car park, which requires just 40 lux for safe movement, under the Australian Standard (AS 1680) internal car park entrances need to be much brighter to help drivers’ eyes adjust from bright light levels outside to the relatively low light levels inside. The requirements vary by time of day, with 800 lux required during the day, dropping to 160 lux at night

To achieve this Ecovantage installed the LED low bay lights with wireless smart-sense controls, which automatically dim the lights at night when the lower lux level is needed, thereby providing additional energy savings.

The Fittings

The selected lights have a class leading IK10 impact resistance rating, making them far less prone to accidental damage than the original fluorescent battens.

Like many commercial car parks, during periods of heavy rain the Stockland car park has areas where water leaks through the concrete slab, so the new fittings needed to be watertight. In these areas Ecovantage installed the IP65 rated lights, which divert water away to prevent damage to the fittings.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A significant reduction in the centres ongoing energy bill.
  • With five year warranties Stockland had the peace of mind knowing they will not have to replace their lights for years to come – no more changing fluorescent tubes on a regular basis – costs that mount-up over time particularly in the high ceiling areas of the car park which require special equipment to access the lights.
  • Smart design emergency fittings enabling easy and cost effective replacement of the emergency batteries without having to replace the whole fitting.


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