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Outdoor Lighting

Albert Park Lawn Tennis Club Saves Over 78%

Albert Park Tennis Club

Following a lighting upgrade, The Albert Park Lawn Tennis Club reduced their lighting energy by an estimated 78%, while improving lighting for a better tennis experience for their members.

Energy Savings

$2,400 / Year

Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

2.1 Years

The Project

The heritage listed tennis club situated in the beautiful St Vincents Gardens commissioned Ecovantage to upgrade the court lighting to reduce energy use whilst improving light quality for players. Light spillage into the surrounding gardens was also improved.

Club President Peter Davidson was delighted with the lack of glare and loved the immediacy of the lights after years of waiting while the old 1000 watt lights warmed up or cooled down.

The old lights were 1000 watt lights and have been replaced by powerful 250 watt LED lights. A perfect outcome for the small boutique club in inner Melbourne.

Albert Park Tennis Club

The Upgrade

A local tennis club with 2 classic clay courts, the lighting consisted of 11 x 1000W flood lights, using approx. 12,000 kWh p.a.

These were replaced with 11 x 250W LED flood lights that reduced energy usage to an estimated 2,631 kWh p.a. To maximise player comfort, anti-glare diffusers were installed.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • An estimated 78% reduction in Albert Park Lawn Tennis Club’s lighting energy usage
  • Immediate full-power light output, no longer waiting up to twenty minutes for globes to reach potential.
  • Improved lighting quality and output over the old flood lights, with a positive impact on playing visibility.
  • LED’s generally have a much longer life and these lights come with five year warranties. Not only peace of mind for the club but, given the difficulty of changing light globes at 8 meters, a significant long term saving in maintenance.
  • Total estimated lifetime return of more than $120,000 with a payback period of 2.1 years.


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