Case Study

Warehouse & Workshop Lighting

Acer Saves Over $30,000


Acer commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy-efficient lighting upgrade at its large facility in Homebush, resulting in estimated energy savings of $30,000 per year, with a payback period of only 7 months.

Energy Savings

$30,000 / Year

Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

7 Months

The Project

Acer commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy efficient lighting upgrade at its large warehouse and workshop facility in Homebush

Acer workshop


In the workshop areas most of the existing fittings were recessed fluorescent troffers, which, taking into account the magnetic ballasts, used 88 watts per fitting (i.e. 2 x 36W tubes + 2 x 8W ballasts).

These were replaced with LED panels that use just 24 watts per fitting. To maximise end-user comfort, we installed LED panels with an in-built anti-glare diffuser.

Acer Loading Dock

Warehouse & Loading Dock

Ecovantage replaced more than 100 existing 400 watt metal halide high bays, with energy efficient LEDs, most of which use just 130 watts.

The high ceiling warehouse has skylights, which provide a lot of natural light, plus some areas have low occupancy levels. Hence the new high bays were fitted with a combined daylight / motion sensor, which automatically de-activates the lights when the ambient light is sufficient, or when the space is not occupied.

A number of the original lights were poorly located, so Ecovantage re-centered lights above the warehouse aisles, or permanently removed fittings from areas where the lights were not required.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 426 light fittings were upgraded providing an estimated 76% reduction in Acer’s lighting energy usage.
  • With five year warranties Acer has the peace of mind knowing they will not have to replace their lights for several years to come – no more changing globes / tubes on a regular basis. This helps to reduce the costs that mount-up over time particularly in the high ceiling warehouse areas, which require special equipment to access the lights.
  • Total estimated savings of more than $30K per year, with a payback period of just 7 months.


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