Case Study

Warehouse Lighting Upgrade.

Fantastic Furniture Reduces Lighting Energy Use By 70%

Fantastic Furniture

An energy-efficient lighting upgrade will see an estimated 70% reduction in lighting energy use – savings of more than 1 million kWh each year.

5 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 6 Months

Reduction in the energy usage


Fantastic Furniture.

Fantastic Furniture is one of Australia’s largest furniture and bedding manufacturers and retailers, with over 80 stores across Australia. Ecovantage was thrilled to work with Fantastic Furniture to provide a much needed lighting upgrade in-line with their broader sustainability activities.

The Project.

Fantastic Furniture sought to reduce their lighting energy and maintenance costs in their factory, warehouse and office areas at their large facility in Fairfield East in Sydney.

Before the upgrade, Fantastic Furniture saw monthly bills of around $30,000. They also wanted to improve the lighting levels and quality in their key working areas.

Fantastic Furniture

The Upgrade.

Ecovantage proposed a comprehensive LED lighting solution throughout the site, which included replacing outdated, inefficient 400W metal halide high-bay lights, twin 36W fluorescent battens and panels, halogen downlights and CFL PL lamps. These old lights were replaced with a blend of 150W and 85W LED high bays, 25W LED standard & emergency battens and panels, 10W LED shop-lighters and 5W LED downlights.

Lights with in-built motion sensors were installed in low-occupancy storage areas so lighting is dimmed down until activated by motion, providing additional energy savings. In critical areas some of the high-bay lights were brought down from the high 12 metre ceilings so they were directly above work stations (e.g. fabric inspection, cutting & sewing areas). Some of the lights were relocated so they were better aligned with the aisles between some recently installed racking, which also enabled the removal of a number of existing lights that were no longer required.

The Outcome.

Post-installation will see their average monthly bill dropping substantially through an estimated 70% reduction in lighting energy use – savings of more than 1 million kWh each year. These significant savings of money and energy are great for both their financial and environmental progress/goals.

Fantastic Furniture benefited from $185,000 in NSW Energy Savings Scheme incentives, which greatly reduced their project costs. Thanks to these financial incentives, the team at Fantastic Furniture is expected to have their entire out-of-pocket investment paid back in less than 6-months.

Over the 5-year warranty period of the lights alone, this upgrade is calculated to save them approximately $750,000 in lighting energy costs and eliminates the need to change any globes for many years to come, providing often overlooked lighting maintenance cost savings.

Key Benefits Of The Lighting Installation

  • Reduction in lighting energy use by approximately 70%
  • $185,000 in financial incentives to reduce project costs
  • Approx. $750,000 in energy bill savings over the next 5 years.
  • Payback period of less than 6-months


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