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RE100 – A Quick Guide

What is RE100?

RE100 is a global initiative which supports business commitments for obtaining 100% renewable electricity. Through this initiative, organisations set consumption targets to work towards consuming 100% renewable electricity by a target date. Led by the Climate Group in partnership with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), RE100 aims to accelerate change towards zero carbon grids at scale. Further to this, the program has outlined six policy measures to support the sourcing of renewable electricity globally.

Organisations in sectors from manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, to fashion and technology are currently participating in RE100. By committing to the initiative, organisations send powerful signals to both markets and governments alike to demand increased renewable electricity supply. When making commitments towards RE100, organisations further agree not to undertake activities that will undermine the goal of accelerating zero carbon grids by 2040, whether directly or indirectly.

How to Become Certified

Organisations looking to join and commit to RE100 must follow the steps below:

  1. The organisation must have significant annual electricity demand and consume more than 0.1TWh or greater of electricity a year. 
  2. A public commitment to sourcing or already having 100% renewable electricity must be declared including a target year. Companies are required to have a strategy to achieve the following renewable energy targets:
    • 60% by 2030
    • 90% by 2040
    • 100% by 2050
  3. All Scope 2 emissions and any Scope 1 emissions related to the generation of electricity by the company must be included in the target. 
  4. Progress must be reported on annually and is validated by RE100.
  5. Organisations must follow RE100’s technical criteria including being from accepted sectors. 

Note: At this time RE100 does not consider companies that generate the majority of their revenue from renewable or non-renewable power as corporate members. This includes directly (power companies) or indirectly (technology providers, developers etc). Further organisations from the following sectors are not considered for membership:

  • Fossil fuels
  • Airlines
  • Munitions
  • Gambling
  • Tobacco

RE100 is a great first step for organisations who are starting off on their sustainability journey. Taking tangible steps to obtain 100% renewable electricity signals your commitment to sustainability, which can be followed by additional action going forward.

Ecovantage can support your organisation to obtain RE100 certification and beyond. Contact our Decarbonisation Team to learn more.
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