Case Study

Multi-Site, Multi-Technology Approach

Driveline Services takes on Multi-Technology and maximises savings.

Driveline Services

A comprehensive energy-efficient upgrade saw savings of up to $28,620 each year and a reduction of their CO2 footprint by more than 50 tonnes of CO2.

20 Year Savings


Payback Period

< 2 Years

20 year reduction in CO2 Footprint

1000 tonnes

Driveline Services.

Driveline Services are specialists in the manufacturing, supply and distribution of underbody and power transmission components. They have helped provide much needed products and services across Australia’s mining, agricultural, road transport and vehicles industries.

The Project.

Driveline Services engaged Ecovantage to run a multi-site, multi-technology review to determine what products and services would best suit them. Six Driveline branches were assessed resulting in solar installations, lighting upgrades, and, better energy supply contracts for five of the sites. Our comprehensive research gave Driveline a simple three-step plan to achieve their goal of reducing energy usage and saving money.

By taking into account Driveline’s energy and sustainability imperatives, their solar generation assets and their preferred financial outcomes, Ecovantage delivered an immediate, no capital outlay, saving on grid energy purchases across all sites.

Solar Batteries

Multi-Technology Approach.

The solar installations at the Dubbo and Cobar branches greatly reduced grid energy consumption by using the electricity generated on their own roof.  Based on historical usage data, Ecovantage was able to estimate that a 19.35kW solar system at Cobar and a 19.8 kW system at Dubbo, would produce 33,991 kWh and 33,847 kWh respectively each year. Combined, this will reduce Driveline’s energy usage by 67,838kW annually.

Through a like-for-like upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights, the sites reduced overheads and maintenance costs while achieving improved working conditions and lighting output. Across their 12 branches Australia-wide, electricity costs proved to be a considerable overhead with no guarantee of declining without some smart decisions.

Ecovantage and energy broking partner Energetica, then carried out a market auction aimed at addressing the future energy requirements of the Driveline Services in QLD and NSW.

After conducting the live market auction with a series of leading energy providers, Ecovantage was able to forecast the most cost-effective course of action for Driveline.

The Outcome.

The combined savings from the solar installation, energy brokering and lighting upgrades will allow Driveline to save up to $28,620 on electricity bills each year. Their annual electricity bills are now expected to be as low as $15,800.

Over the 20 year lifespan of the solar panels, Driveline is expected to generate 1,356,760 kWh and save over $319,600 in grid electricity costs. Not only will this solar system installation save Driveline thousands of dollars, it will also reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 1,000 tonnes.

The business case for commercial solar continues to improve and is a  great option for businesses with a positive environmental focus.

Key Benefits Of The Multi-Technology Approach

  • Payback period of less than two years
  • Reduced their CO2 footprint by up to 1,000 tonnes over the next 20 years
  • Multi-technology approach provides comprehensive review to save thousands.


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