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Case Study

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces Solar and Battery Installation Journey

Empowering Sustainability and Savings

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces

Energy Savings


Payback Period

7-8 Years

Solar Production

78,000 kWh/year

BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces

In the picturesque coastal town of Apollo Bay, Victoria, nestled along the stunning Great Ocean Road, lies the BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces Holiday Park—a beloved haven for holidaymakers seeking the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern comfort. However, this thriving accommodation service provider faced a challenge: the need to cut energy costs, reduce their environmental footprint, and ensure uninterrupted service for their guests in case of emergencies.

Big4 Apollo Bay reception

The Challenge: Cutting Costs and Ensuring Reliability

With rising energy costs, the park was seeking a more cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. Furthermore, BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces sought a system that would guarantee uninterrupted access to essential facilities such as toilets, kitchens, safety lighting, and offices during blackouts or emergencies.

Ecovantage understood the complexity of this challenge and set out to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Big4 Apollo Bay

The Solution: Solar and Battery Integration

Ecovantage recommended a solar and battery installation, a solution perfectly suited to meet the client’s energy efficiency and reliability goals. Combining 65kW of LONGi 550W solar panels, with 50kW of Sungrow inverters and a 19.2kWh hour battery proved to be a game-changer.

The solar panels generate an impressive 78,905 kWh per year, and the Sungrow battery acts as a 50% blackout backup, ensuring critical areas remain operational during emergencies. This means during a blackout, essential facilities continue to function without interruption.

Ecovantage was also able to facilitate significant financial incentives for BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces through the production of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) based on the renewable energy production from this system. This system qualified for over 600 STCs which helped offset the up-front costs to BIG4.

Big4 battery setup

Lifetime Savings and Environmental Impact

The lifetime savings achieved by BIG4 Apollo Bay through this solar and battery installation extend far beyond the up-front cost. By generating their electricity and having a reliable backup system, the park is not only saving money but also contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. The reduction in CO2 emissions is a testament to their commitment to sustainability.

The partnership between BIG4 Apollo Bay Pisces Holiday Park and Ecovantage has not only led to substantial energy savings but also strengthened the park’s commitment to environmental responsibility. With their solar and battery system in place, the park now stands as a shining example of how businesses can take charge of their energy needs, cut costs, and embrace a greener future.

Big4 Pisces Apollo Bay

The Future

Ecovantage and BIG 4 Apollo Bay Pisces Holiday Park eagerly anticipate the next phase of our partnership, as stage 2 is poised to commence in the forthcoming months. We are preparing to deploy an additional 30kW LONGi solar system atop the roofs of five holiday cabins. In tandem with this expansion, we will be integrating another Sungrow battery system to capture surplus energy, thereby reinforcing the park’s energy reliability.


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