The City of Kingston festivals take an eco step forward with Ecovantage.

Ecovantage have recently been engaged in sustainability services with The City of Kingston festivals in Melbourne’s south. The City of Kingston, who have been running and promoting well received community festivals, are taking an Eco step forward towards a more environmentally friendly festival model.

The Globe to Globe World Music Festival, one of Victoria’s finest music festivals showcasing music, dance and culture from around the world, was the first of three selected City of Kingston festivals in which Ecovantage consultants are calculating greenhouse gas emissions. By calculating the festivals greenhouse gas emissions and establishing the carbon footprint, festival coordinators will be armed to track and compare their emissions over time, which will improve the impact of future festivals on our environment.

Ecovantage evaluate a broad range of environmental impacts including; travel emissions caused by patrons or food vendors, freight transport and performers through to fuel consumption of generators and food production emissions. Ecovantage also provides general environmental impact analysis recommending solutions to reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and minimize the quantity and impact of waste.

There are numerous ways to achieve significant environmental savings without reducing the fun of a festival. By adopting smarter, more efficient lighting technologies and sourcing service companies with environmental objectives in their waste management systems, festivals can continue to be as vibrant and exciting as the Globe to Globe World Music Festival was. Ecovantage enjoyed the chance to step out of the office, hear some live music and sample some great food while working with The City of Kingston to provide everyone with great environmentally friendly festivals.

Ecovantage will be at The Mordialloc By the Bay Fine Food and Wine Festival on the 19th and 20th of March and at The Kingston Harvest Festival in May. The Mordialloc By the Bay Fine Food and Wine Festival presents an action-packed weekend of Jazz, Swing, Latin and Blues along with free dancing lessons, Master Chef cooking demonstrations, rides, children’s activities and more! See for details.

If your organisation is hosting a festival or event and is looking to get the Ecovantage too, contact our senior environmental consultant, Seamus Balkin on (03) 9645 7243. Otherwise, visit our website to discover our full range of services.