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Update from the CEO

I’m writing this in the soggy southern Queensland office following the election and change of government. For our industry and Ecovantage in particular, the results of the election could hardly be better. The expectation would now be that the transition to a decarbonised economy, as supported variably by the States, will be more actively supported by the federal government. 

We expect to see further funding support for companies and households to install solar, batteries and change to more efficient appliances. 

Ecovantage is an enabler of this transition. We work with consumers, installers and developers from residential to commercial and industrial scales. Assisting them in a multitude of ways making sure they have access to the incentives and rebates available. From EVs and Heat Pumps to Solar and Energy Efficiency Upgrades. Perfect!

Ecovantage has recently completed a restructure to further focus on the two customer groups it services. Whilst the goal to reduce energy use and carbon emissions are similar for the two market segments, the approach in dealing with them is quite different. 

Ecovantage has had another good year, opened a 4th office and employed its 60th person. We have close to 50 solar power stations under management and have started dealing in ACCUs. Our capability in project based methodologies has been bolstered and we now have a focus on helping our commercial customers become carbon neutral and move toward Net Zero. 

It’s exciting times and shows every likelihood of becoming even more interesting as the new federal government gets underway. 

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