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Ecovantage Partners with mycar Tyre & Auto

mycar Tyre & Auto has long been a trusted name in the automotive industry. Initially known as Kmart Tyre and Auto, they have built a reputation for providing top-notch tyre, service, and repair solutions across Australia. With a history of excellence spanning decades, mycar has established itself as a one-stop-shop for all things automotive.

Electric Vehicle Chargers and Lighting Upgrades

mycar Tyre & Auto (mycar) have partnered with Ecovantage to roll out lighting upgrades across mycar stores in Australia. Six EV chargers have also been installed in metro locations – four in Victoria and two in New South Wales. These strategic upgrades will provide multiple benefits to both mycar’s customers and the environment.

With the installation of the EV chargers, mycar is making it easier for EV owners to access charging facilities while getting their tyres serviced or vehicles repaired. This added convenience is sure to attract a growing number of EV owners to mycar’s outlets.

The LED lighting upgrades will not only enhance the quality of lighting of mycar stores, but also significantly reduce energy consumption. This aligns with both mycar’s and Ecovantage’s commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious operations.

By investing in energy-efficient lighting, mycar Tyre & Auto is future-proofing its business.

The Future Looks Bright

In a world where the automotive landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace, mycar partnership with Ecovantage is a shining example of adaptability and forward-thinking. By embracing electric vehicle technologies and implementing energy-efficient lighting, mycar is not only meeting the needs of today but also preparing for the demands of tomorrow. 

It is great to see mycar is invested in training the next generation of vehicle professionals to ensure they are able to support the growing EV market and provide the best service to their customers, no matter what car they drive. With 260+ locations around Australia, and over 1,300 employees nationally, they are setting a great example of a positive future in the automotive industry.

Get in touch with Ecovantage today to discuss with our specialists all of your commercial EV charger and LED lighting upgrade needs.

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