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Insulation is a must for an energy efficient home, as one of the most cost effective ways to improve efficiency and comfort. Keep the heat in during the cold, like a thermos, and keeping the cool inside like an esky when it’s hot out.

We’ll help you with installation and accessing incentives for eligible energy saving products in your home.

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Insulation in S.A.

With financial incentives available through the South Australian Government’s REPS program, you can save whether you currently have inadequate insulation and need a top-up, or are installing insulation for the first time.

Rebate amounts vary depending on these factors:

  • The size (m2) of your house
  • Your location
  • Whether you are topping up, or you’re installing insulation for the first time

Contact us today and we can provide an estimate of how much your rebate will be.

Insulation Around Australia

Currently insulation incentives are only offered in South Australia.

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