Case Study

Warehouse & Outdoor Lighting

CHEP Reduces Lighting Energy By 70%


At one of the 10 locations upgraded across NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, Chep upgraded the lighting in their warehouse and outdoor yards at Erskine Park to reduce lighting energy use by 70%.

Energy Savings

$50,000 / Year

Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

12 Months

The Project

A subsidiary of Brambles, Chep is a large pallet supplier that has an Australia-wide network of service and distribution centres.

In 2016 Chep invited Ecovantage to provide a quotation for upgrading the exterior yard lighting at their large facility in Erskine Park, Sydney. The yard operates round the clock, so the key driver was to improve safety for the loading, unloading and movement of pallets at night.


Exterior Yard

Ecovantage collaborated with specialist lighting designers and suppliers to provide cost-effective solution tailored to Chep’s specific needs. As a result, we were able to provide a solution that not only significantly improved light levels, but also maximised uniformity of light and minimised glare to ensure yard users were not blinded by the bright new lights. This involved installing new poles and combinations of LED lights with asymmetric anti-glare lensing.

Despite installing additional light fittings, by replacing old, inefficient floodlights with brand new LEDs Ecovantage was also able to reduce the external yard lighting energy use by approximately 40%, which was a welcome bonus.

CHEP Warehouse


As part of our comprehensive site assessment, Ecovantage identified substantial energy saving opportunities that could be achieved by upgrading the high bay lights inside Chep’s large warehouse service facility at the same site. This facility also operates 24 hours per day, and Chep was faced with a substantial increase in its energy rates, which helped make the business case a “no-brainer”.


Additional Locations

Chep were pleased with the results and have subsequently partnered with Ecovantage to upgrade the lighting in their warehouse and office facilities at 9 other sites across NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. Ecovantage was able to not only coordinate the supply and installation of the lights, but also access substantial rebates through the energy savings schemes that operate in NSW, Victoria and S.A.

Ecovantage has also assisted Chep with other energy efficiency initiatives, including:

  • Tariff optimisation to check their energy provider is charging them the correct network tariff’s
  • Measurement and verification of the energy savings derived from upgrading air-compressors
  • Facilitating quotations for installing solar power.

Chep has successfully driven down its energy use and costs and Ecovantage is proud have been a close partner on their energy efficiency journey.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 153 highbay lights upgraded.Rebates of $38,400 achieved through Government incentive schemes.
  • Type/wattage of existing lights: Metal Halide 424W (incl. ballast), upgraded with 120W LED replacements.
  • Energy reduction for lights replaced: 70%
  • Estimated pay-back period: 12 months

In addition to markedly reducing the lighting energy use, by installing long-lasting LED’s, backed by generous 35,000 hour / 7-year warranties, Chep has also been able to reduce its ongoing lighting maintenance requirements – costs that mount-up over time, particularly in areas that require special access equipment to reach the lights.

The new LED’s have provided other benefits, such as improved light levels as well as the ability to be switched on and off as required, without having to wait for them to cool down, which is typically the case with older high-bay technologies.


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