Case Study

Warehouse & Office Lighting

JCDecaux Reducing Lighting Costs By 77%


Following the upgrade of lighting throughout the JCDecaux multi-level office and warehouse in Alexandria, significant savings were realised with a 77% energy reduction in lighting, saving 79 tonnes of C02 per year.

Energy Savings

$27,000 / Year

Lighting Energy Savings


Payback Period

8.5 Months

The Project

The global leader in street furniture and transport advertising, JCDecaux commissioned Ecovantage to undertake an energy efficient lighting upgrade at its office, depot and warehouse in Alexandria, NSW.

Epping Secondary


JCDecaux’s multi-level office required a one-for-one replacement of all recessed T8 fittings, which, taking into account the magnetic ballasts, used 88 watts per fitting. Significant savings were achieved through the 28W Executive Panel replacements.

Depot & Warehouse

The depot required a new highbay lighting layout to replace the existing fluorescent tubes, including in a storage area in the back of the warehouse which was under-lit.

The poster room required high-CRI LED lighting, to accurately portray the natural light their products are viewed in. To withstand the cleaning of equipment and street furniture installation, all fittings were IP65, spray and dust proof.

Ecovantage redesigned the depot lighting based on the new LED highbays. This resulted in a more consistent spread of light, lower electrical consumption and fewer installed fittings,  from 45 units down to 28 units. This solution was modelled using DIALux software and installed with client approval.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • A total of 147 fittings were replaced, resulting in a 77% energy reduction on lighting, with 79 tonnes of c02 saved per year.
  • We have estimated that JCDecaux will save $27,000 in energy and maintenance over the course of one year, with an estimated total lifetime saving of $369,000.
  • Total payback period of just 8.5 months.


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