Case Study

Residential Solar Installation.

New South Wales Resident Reduces Energy Use By 96%

New South Wales Residential Solar

After an energy-efficient Solar panel upgrade, a NSW resident reduced their energy usage, with over $2,000 saved per year.

Estimated Lifetime Savings


Payback Period

2.6 Years



Solar for a Family Home.

A homeowner in Ourimbah, on the Central Coast of New South Wales, engaged Ecovantage to design and manage the installation of a rooftop solar system to significantly reduce their household electricity bills. Ecovantage was thrilled to work with this customer to reduce their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Project

Ecovantage oversaw the installation of 7.77 kW Jinko solar panels for the customer. The roof of the house benefited from great sun exposure on multiple sides, fitting a total of 21 panels to maximise energy production.

The solar system is battery-ready, so it can have a battery attached later on. This gives the homeowner greater options with how their new solar system can be used for future energy needs, for example to power an electric vehicle.

The Ecovantage Difference.

Our customer was able to dramatically reduce their power bills within the first month and is expected to save even more in the months to come. This fast achievement of the reduction in energy bills will allow the  resident to benefit from a very quick 2.6 year payback period.

The system is expected to produce 12,093 kWh per year, with a maximum of 42 kW per day in the warmer months.

The customer is expected to save up to 96% of their average annual energy bill. With a 20 year lifespan the system offers a total return on investment of 684%.

As for the reduction in the customer’s environmental footprint, this installation is equivalent to 218 trees being planted per year or the avoidance of 4,115 kg of coal being burnt per year.

Our solar specialists will work with you to design the optimal rooftop solar setup, analyse your historical energy usage to calculate a payback estimate and lifetime savings, and help you access STC subsidies and any other state or federal incentives to reduce the setup costs.

Our experienced installers will take care of everything, and you’ll have total peace of mind with a two-year workmanship warranty on a system that is rated for 20 years – saving you for decades to come.

Key Benefits Of The Solar Installation

  • $4,066 in subsidies
  • 96% reduction in energy costs per annum
  • Estimated payback period is 2.6 years
  • Saving an equivalent of 4,115 kg of coal per year
  • Battery-ready system for future expansion


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