Case Study

Commercial Lighting

Victorian School Saves $600 Per Month

Victorian School

For an initial outlay of les than $7,000 this large independent school in Melbourne stands to save around $600 a month in energy bills, producing a return on investment of just ten months.

Energy Savings

$7,200 / Year

Carbon Emission Savings

2,000kg / Month

Payback Period

10 Months

The Project

A large, independent school of more than 1000 students in the south east of Melbourne recognised that the 50 watt halogen downlights scattered throughout the many buildings on its campus were costing a small fortune in energy bills.

The decision was made to upgrade all 177 halogens to an energy efficient LED downlight, the Brightgreen DR700.

Melbourne school

Summary of Work

Ecovantage supplied and installed the Brightgreen DR700 LEDs for $38.50 each (the lights usually retail for $49). The upgrade was completed in one day by trained installers and the lights worked perfectly with the schools existing transformers and dimmers.


For an initial outlay of $6814.50 the school stands to save around $600 a month in energy bills, producing a return on investment of just ten months.

The long lifetime of the DR700 means the school’s savings will extend for decades in reduced energy costs and non-existent maintenance costs.

The environment will also benefit − carbon emissions from lighting will be reduced by approximately 2,000kg a month.

The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Scheme

The VEET scheme is a state government program aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of homes and businesses across Victoria. Under the scheme, Ecovantage can create Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), the value of which is set by the market. The number of certificates an upgrade produces is based on the energy use (and carbon emissions) of an old and new product. Products need to be accredited under the scheme and one such product is the Brightgreen DR700.

The DR700 is a straight replacement for 50W halogens but at 10 watts uses one-fifth the energy. It performs in all key areas – it produces equivalent or better light output than a 50W halogen, has an amazing 70,000 lifespan (over 20 years at average use, and 35 times longer than a halogen), and a low operating temperature. It is also compatible with almost 100% of transformers on the market, is dimmable and comes with a three year warranty. Ecovantage can offer the DR700 at a discount thanks to the VEET scheme.

Key Benefits of the Lighting Upgrade

  • 2,000 kg of carbon abatement each month.
  • $600 in energy savings per month.
  • Total payback period of only 10 months.


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