2024 Noosa Festival of Surfing Achieves Carbon Neutrality Certification

Noosa Festival of Surfing,  8-17 March 2024

Embarking on a journey towards environmental consciousness, the Noosa Festival of Surfing (NFOS), in collaboration with sustainability partner Ecovantage, is excited to declare the 2024 Festival as a certified carbon-neutral Climate Active event.

Off the back of Australia’s first Climate Active certified surfing event – 2023 Byron Bay Surf Festival – Ecovantage was engaged to measure and mitigate NFOS’ carbon footprint. NFOS now stands as a symbol of environmental responsibility and ingenuity within the surf festival realm. As surf enthusiasts gather to witness the event unfold at Noosa Heads, the Festival charts a course towards a greener and more vibrant future, both for the sport and our planet

After working with the Byron Bay Surf Festival last year and helping them achieve their Climate Active Event status, Ecovantage was thrilled to be approached to work with the team behind the even bigger surfing festival in Noosa. Working together, Ecovantage were able to measure and mitigate the Festival’s emissions and obtain carbon-neutral certification,” commented Aaron Jenkins, General Manager at Ecovantage.

In order to certify the Festival as a Climate Active event, a thorough application process, including a comprehensive Public Disclosure Statement (PDS), was carefully compiled by Ecovantage. The PDS outlines the Festival’s purpose, anticipated emission sources, implemented reduction measures, justification for Climate Active accreditation, and details about the chosen carbon offset projects.

Through an investment in Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) sourced from Sea Trees by Sustainable Surf, NFOS actively offsets the remaining carbon emissions identified through Ecovantage’s assessment. These carbon credits will be derived from commendable projects: the Southern Cardamom REDD+ Project in Cambodia and the Colombia Pacific Watershed Projects. Both initiatives have been selected for their contribution to regenerating vital ecosystems, aligning with the Festival’s commitment to environmental stewardship. NFOS acknowledges the community’s value for ecosystem regeneration and has chosen projects that resonate with the local ethos.

The Chairman of NFOS, John Finlay, stated that “Having worked with Ecovantage on the much smaller Byron Bay Surf Festival, we knew that they were the right Sustainability partner for the Noosa Festival of Surfing. The sustainability expertise, environmental understanding and commercial competence that Ecovantage provides makes them an absolute pleasure to work with on what is a vitally important component of all our Festivals. We look forward to continuing to partner with Ecovantage on sustainability matters in future years.”

Ecovantage is set to unveil a new initiative – Offset My Gear (OMG) – an innovative concept aimed at addressing the significant carbon footprint associated with surfing gear, particularly surfboards. Surfers, known for their eco-conscious mindset, can now purchase an OMG Credit – a carbon offset – to make their gear carbon neutral. This year, OMG Credits will be available for surfboards, with plans to expand the offering for other gear in future events. 

To facilitate this initiative, a stand at the Festival’s competitor registration & merchandise tent, adorned with banners promoting OMG, will offer information about the program and a QR code for surfers to easily purchase their Credit. The Festival is proudly sustainable, plastic free and carbon neutral. Festival organisers are thrilled to support the OMG program, so that surfers can share further involvement in sustainability.

Ecovantage is enthusiastic about contributing to the Festival’s legacy by implementing sustainable practices and innovative solutions. Together with the Noosa Festival of Surfing, Ecovantage aim to not only celebrate the thrill of surfing, but also demonstrate a shared dedication to creating a more environmentally conscious and responsible future for events of this magnitude.

Further information about the Noosa Festival of Surfing can be found here: www.noosafestivalofsurfing.com/

Further information about Climate Active can be found here: www.climateactive.org.au/

If you’re looking to certify your organisation, product or event as carbon neutral under Climate Active, we can help you make it happen.

Speak with our team today www.ecovantage.com.au/contact


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