4 Ways to Save Energy While Working from Home

Save Energy While Working From Home

Working and schooling from home is probably here to stay for a while whether we like it or not and it has pushed our use and cost of energy up. Lighting and heating our homes during the day when usually none is home and running our computers all cost money.

But there are a couple of easy actions that can reduce it. These may seem obvious, but are often forgotten:

  1. If it is not in use, turn it off (preferably at the switch). This includes any lights and devices.

  2. Only heat the rooms you’re using.

  3. Use power-saving mode on computers and other devices.

  4. Un-plug: don’t leave devices charging for longer than necessary.

On top of these actions you can do yourself, as an accredited provider Ecovantage may be able to help with more substantial activities.



South Australia: your household may be eligible a free upgrade of LED light globes and water-saving shower heads, free or subsidised replacement of your old electric hot water heater to a new efficient Heatpump, and insulation rebates.

New South Wales: rebates for switching halogen downlights to LEDs through the Power to Save program.

Victoria: rebates are available for upgrading your hot water and heating units, this varies depending on your current unit and the type of unit you wish to upgrade.

Australia wide: install an eligible solar system such as a solar water heater, air-source heat pump or solar PV panels, and you are entitled to a financial incentive relative to the amount of electricity saved through claiming Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

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