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A Fresh Look for an Exciting Future

Since our beginnings in 2007, the Ecovantage team has never lacked enthusiasm for the many opportunities and ever-evolving technologies in the energy efficiency space.

As we looked forward to what the next decade has in store, we knew it was time for the way we look to evolve along with the way we do business –  and so a new logo and fresh look and feel was born.

In collaboration with RL Design, the creator of the original Ecovantage logo, our new visual identity maintains the essence of the Ecovantage brand that our clients and partners have come to know and trust, refined to reflect the contemporary and ambitious business that we have become and choose to be into the future. 

Ecovantage new logo


2021 is set to be another year of growth and development for Ecovantage. With new industry-leading talent on board, innovative new products and services in development and continued progress in the regulatory landscape, we are excited to continue to work with you in implementing energy efficiency solutions to save energy and save money.

Bruce Easton
Founder & CEO

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