End of Year Wrap Up from Our CEO

The dust has settled on COP26 with a huge uptick in interest in a commitment to net-zero emissions while we also face increasing prices and delays from the reduction of solar panel production due to COVID.

Regardless, everyone is flat out continuing to install what they can as fast as they can. Electricity prices have gone from volatile to ridiculous, negative to many hundreds per kw. An agile smart user may be better off but fortunately, most businesses and households that we deal with are insulated from real-time pricing.

Ecovantage continues to grow employing another 5 people in the last month alone as we try and keep up with demand!

The new QLD office has won half a dozen solar installs, LED lighting and hot water upgrades whilst it quotes up a huge holiday park, an island resort and several distribution centres. EV chargers are also proving popular and are being installed in Melbourne and Adelaide – fortunately, coupled with solar PV systems.

Hundreds of in-home displays and heat pump hot water units are being installed per month. At the other end of the scale, great big heating and cooling systems are being installed in shopping centres.

The incentive values available through the state and federal schemes are all reacting to the increase in demand and concerns regarding supply. For all the difficulties and price fluctuations it remains a smart decision to reduce dependence on grid electricity and use the generous incentives to do so. The additional benefit is of course the ability to tell staff and customers that it is all moving toward net-zero.

We are often being asked how to engage in the global desire to go carbon neutral, to be able to sell carbon neutral socks or kitchens, accounting or legal services.

The first step may be as simple as dealing with electricity usage by reducing it and if possible generate it yourself. Electrifying the car or truck fleet is a great next step and may require chargers in basements or in truck bays.

Fortunately for Ecovantage, we are seen as a trusted partner in the transition that started a while ago and yet has never been so urgent, demanding and, ultimately, exciting!

Bruce Easton, CEO of Ecovantage

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