Fundraising for the Firefighters

Australia has been plagued with an unprecedented level of bushfires, while this level has recently de-escalated thanks to efforts of fire-fighters and volunteers, there are lasting devastating consequences to land, communities and wildlife long after the fires are out, meanwhile many destructive fires continue to burn.

These fires are unarguably the result of rising global temperatures combined with a lack of preparation and action by those currently in power, while this may be disheartening to hear, we do have the power to make a difference. Although the onus should not be on the Australian people to rectify these consequences, it is becoming abundantly clear that it may be the only answer.

In any case, an organisation’s footprint is much bigger than that of an individual, which is why it is even more important for organisations to ensure they have a positive impact on their environment and communities, and contribute where they can. One contribution of Ecovantage is our annual Christmas charity pool where each employee donates money, and nominates a charity that they would like it to go to.Then one of the submitted charities is randomly selected at the Christmas breakup and all of the charity pool money goes to that one charity. Ecovantage then matches the donations dollar for dollar. This is in lieu of the traditional Kris Kringle.

This year Ecovantage team member Rosastri’s charity of choice was the lucky winner, nominating the NSW Rural Fire Service. This evidently could not have come at a better time! Given the urgency Ecovantage not only matched the donation for the NSW Rural Fire Service but donated the same value to each of the SA Country Fire Service, and VIC Country Fire Authority.

We encourage other organisations to follow a similar gifting model for their next holiday period, and further urge individuals to make any contribution possible for the bushfire relief.



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