Ecovantage Achieves Another Milestone!

In 2017 we proudly celebrated 10 years of operation and reaching 2 million tonnes of abatement. This year Ecovantage notched up another milestone – the biggest Accredited Partner (ACP) in Australia, registering the most energy efficiency certificates (or equivalents) this year.

We haven’t really had this as a goal, preferring to focus on the quality of our systems and relationships, knowing that if we can build on these the numbers will come.

And they have!

The teams in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne have worked diligently with in-house sales and partner companies to build systems and work processes that generate high quality energy savings. To support this we moved compliance into each state office to ensure closer contact with the partners and the jobs.

We appreciate the trust and mutual respect that we have with our employees and business network and will continue to use the proven model of close collaboration that has achieved this landmark.

We also recognise that we can still improve, and we have firm plans to do so, making it even better for all involved.

So, whilst we are certainly proud to be the biggest ACP in Australia, our drivers have always been about quality and respect and there they will stay.

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