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Ecovantage: Australia’s Largest Accredited Certificate Provider

Ecovantage is proud to be Australia’s largest Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP). We are actively operational under all federal and state government energy programs, and as a result we are the most versatile certificate creator in Australia. This breadth of knowledge and experience allows us to first qualify, then complete your project under the program most relevant to your requirements.

What is an ACP?

ACPs (or APs in some states) play a pivotal role in Australia’s journey to reduce emissions by 2030. They are businesses authorised by federal and state governments to create certificate projects that reduce energy or carbon. These certificates can be sold or traded to fulfil a liable entity’s obligations, meet voluntary climate program requirements, or increase the financial viability of the upgrade. Certificates are an essential component of various energy efficiency programs across the nation.

How did we get here?

Becoming Australia’s largest ACP was fostered by our industry leading compliance teams across Australia. Our specialised teams completed projects across Renewable Generation, Measurement and Verification for Energy Efficiency Measures and Emissions Reductions Measures, and Deemed energy and fuel efficiency methods.

Being an ACP

We take our regulatory obligations under all schemes seriously. With dedicated compliance officers and managers in each state, we offer localised support to our implementation partners which helps us manage compliance with the schemes. Our rigorous adherence to scheme regulations is evidenced by our audit results. Our compliance team is subject to multiple scheduled and unscheduled scheme audits by state, federal and private regulators every year. We successfully maintain the highest market share of any Accredited Certificate Provider within many of the state and federal schemes whilst maintaining one of the lowest material error rates in the industry.

As a result Ecovantage is proud to concurrently have the title of highest certificate creator between schemes, and a strong reputation for unwavering quality of compliance across Australia.

More than a Certificate Provider

At Ecovantage, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet your requirements. Our services span from Energy Assessments, Energy Audits and Net Zero Solutions, through to Project Viability Analysis and Certificate Creation.

If you are looking to partner with Australia’s largest ACP, or would like to explore how the services we offer could benefit your business, then get in touch with our team today.

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