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Ecovantage becomes founding partner of carbon neutral adelaide

Ecovantage has recently and proudly become a founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, in doing so we are contributing to Adelaide’s goal of becoming the first carbon neutral city in the world and in turn contributing to the overall improvement of the planet.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide’s goal is to make the city of Adelaide 100% carbon neutral by 2050, which would make it the first in the world. Ecovantage has joined many other great organisations to help make this plan come to life.

The Carbon Neutral Partner Program celebrates and empowers business and community organisations to rapidly reduce carbon emissions, provide leadership and encourage others to take action.

Organisations including Knight Frank, Alternative Technology Association & Pangolin Associates are also on board, we have had the privilege to work with them before and are aware of the great work they do, we are very excited to contribute to such a great cause alongside them as well as many other fantastic organisations.

In a public message regarding Carbon Neutral Adelaide, Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill and Minister for Climate Change Ian Hunter stated that in order to increase ambition, they will need significant investment from the private sector, so by joining the Carbon Neutral Partner Program we are committed to reducing our own, our clients and communities carbon emissions.

Hunter and Weatherill also stated that Adelaide has the ability to produce almost all of their energy from clean and renewable sources and even export this energy to the rest of Australia. Establishing Carbon Neutral Adelaide will position South Australia at the forefront of research and innovation, attracting investment and creating jobs for the future.

This is an incredibly positive and exciting move by South Australia and we hope this encourages the rest of Australia and the world to do the same.

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