5 Million Tonnes of Carbon Abatement.

14 Years and 5 Million Tonnes of Carbon Emissions Abated.

Ecovantage is proud to announce that it has hit a new milestone of five million tonnes of carbon dioxide abated. Through the installation of energy-efficient products, we have helped our customers reduce the amount of energy that would have otherwise been used by their old products.

Energy can be generated through a number of sources but it’s more commonly produced by burning coal or gas. These fossil fuels create carbon emissions that aggravate global warming.

Over the past 13 years, Ecovantage has accumulated this saved energy to help Australia, and the world, reduce the amount of carbon emissions end up in the atmosphere.

What are Energy-Efficiency Schemes?

Energy efficiency schemes are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage businesses and householders to use electricity and gas more efficiently. The schemes are based around certificate trading where a value is placed on the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent that has been reduced or removed from the atmosphere. 

The state governments administer the schemes ensuring certificate creation methods and products are auditable and transparent. Third-party providers such as Ecovantage, work within these rules to have projects accredited so they can create certificates proportional to the amount of energy saved.

What is This Equivalent to?

We thought you’d never ask! We’ve done the calculations to see how much our milestone actually means!

Figures based on Carbon Dioxide Equivalents.

How Can You Be Part of This?

We help businesses and households to reduce energy use and contribute to the fight against climate change through a reduction in emissions.

Contact us today to speak to our energy efficiency specialists to see how you can save energy and money.

Let's save money and save energy

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