Interviews with Ecovantage: Electric Vehicles

In the very first of a series of interviews with Ecovantage’s very own team, we will be discussing some of our team’s experiences using electric vehicles. 
Meet Rob Nap’bleidick, Business Development Manager.

Ecovantage has had the pleasure of working with Rob since the formalisation of our branch in Queensland. His role is a little diverse as he assists Aaron, our Renewables General Manager, in all and any areas he feels he can use his expertise and experience. More specifically, Rob works with prospective and existing clients and group partners within the Commercial & Industrial space.

“We take a very broad and holistic approach to how we work with our clients. We evaluate the total picture and then look across our total range of products and services for the ideal solution.”

“I develop and nurture strategic relationships with other professional bodies, strategic partners and networks and I’m also responsible for the team development here so my role often crosses over into the Small to Medium enterprise market.”

– Rob Nap’bleidick

Rob’s journey so far…

What type of electric car have you been driving?

I have been driving a Kia Niro. We are awaiting delivery of our actual fleet which has now been pushed out till mid-October so in the interim, they delivered us an MGz and the Kia Niro. I was given the Niro as it has the longest range.

Has your experience using an electric vehicle been practical?  

Absolutely. I don’t see any downside to using an EV, the range on most products is getting above 400 to 450 km now so it’s just a normal vehicle option. People often mention range anxiety as a conversation piece but I just don’t think it’s real. We often do 300 km trips to Brisbane and back and we don’t even look at the gauge. Just plug it in when you get home a few nights a week and there is never a problem.

What surprised you the most about driving an electric vehicle?

The driving experience. This goes for all of the EV’s I have driven. They’re just a pleasure to drive, they are heavier than a standard car so they’re just rock solid on the road. They have that top-end ‘grand tourer’ feel to them. I’ve had numerous European top-end brands and honestly, if you closed your eyes you may as well have been in one of them.

How much are you estimated to save each year thanks to your switch to an electric vehicle? 

Queensland’s General Manager, Aaron, and I did the calculations and given fuel/service costs and other consumables we worked out that if you are travelling around 25,000 kilometres a year you would save $400 per month. That’s $4,800 per year of real money.

Would you recommend it to others? 

Absolutely, I’d highly recommend an EV. I would say that once you go to an EV you will not go back to an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle. They are just that good. They are just an all-round pleasure to drive.

What’s your favourite feature of an EV? 

3 things…

    • Peace and quiet through lack of noise,
    • Immediate acceleration (no lag), and
    • Regenerative Braking, which basically means you don’t need to use the brakes around town and it puts charge back into the batteries at the same time.

What will you miss the most from your old car? 

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Do you have any other comments about your current experience?

Since there aren’t currently any Government incentives, the pricing for EVs in this country is not where it needs to be, so they appear expensive. However as mentioned earlier, if you do the true and honest costings on a case by case basis the savings and value can be found. 

Do you want to learn more about electric vehicles?

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