Large-Scale Generation Certificates.

At Ecovantage our business is to help you, your company, or your department install more solar. We make solar work for you.

Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) are renewable energy certificates offered under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.

Renewable Energy Systems larger than 100kW are eligible to create LGCs. LGCs are based on the amount of renewable electricity they produce. Wind, Hydro, and Biomass systems meeting certain criteria are also included.

1 LGC = 1 MW/h of clean energy

One LGC is equal to one megawatt hour of renewable energy, the number of LGCs generated depends on the annual generation of the system.

Once created, an LGC acts like a share that can be traded and sold. Some companies choose to use their own LGCs for Carbon Offset and Carbon Neutrality and other companies purchase them (mainly electricity retailers) to surrender for a LGC liability.


Why Ecovantage

Ecovantage work with large solar asset owners, installers, and to create LGCs. We take the pain out of creating your solar income by offering the following.

  1. Strongest Product Offerings: We work directly with our solar partners to create the highest rebates, give cash-positive solutions and offer finance to help get customers over the initial hurdles.
  2. Easy Collaboration: 24hr turn-around, bespoke certificate offerings, dedicated account managers and direct communication lines.
  3. Upfront Payments: Ecovantage have partnered with industry bodies to offer customer the rebate/certificate upfront. No finance. No loans. No risk.
  4. Lock-in Pricing – Price Certainty: An annual dollar figure can be priced in and locked in today. Giving you or your client a stable and dependable income source that can be included in your budget and financial forecast.

The Ecovantage Difference

There are many ways to improve your solar journey, with Ecovantage on your side a smoother, and more valuable journey is a guaranteed by:

  • Bespoke Solutions: Ecovantage offer the most diverse certificate/rebate portfolio, with our teams experience we customise solutions for the best fit and highest rebate.
  • Complete Flexibility: Do you want to trade your certificates yourself? Or hold them and decide what to do with them later? We offer a certificate creation and verification only model where once your certificates have been approved and registered, we assign them back to you. All at no additional charge.
  • Carbon Neutrality: Several of the certificates Ecovantage trade can be
    used to lower your Carbon footprint. Here at Ecovantage we can help you decide which certificate, in what volume will help your business or department walk that important line between finically viable and environmentally responsible.

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