Market Update | 12 April

  • ESC announces minor amendments to Activity 35
  • DEECA commences induction cooktop consultation with draft VEU specifications
  • CER Flexible Trading draft rules extended

ESC Announce Amendments to Activity 35 (Non-Building Based Commercial Lighting)

The Essential Services Commission this week announced changes to Activity 35 non-building-based lighting requirements. An amendment was made to remove references the year in the required lighting standards, and instead the wording has been updated to reference the ‘current’ standard relevant to the lighting design.

DEECA Commences Induction Cooktop Consultation and Proposes a Series of Methods to Increase Consumer Protection

This week a consultation commenced by DEECA seeking feedback on new induction cooktops under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program. The consultation seeks stakeholder feedback on topics that will establish the activity design, calculate emission savings and draft specifications under the VEU.

Concurrently with the induction cooktop consultation, DEECA opened a consultation proposing to increase consumer protection in an effort to improve customer outcomes for the program’s electrification activities. The consultation seeks stakeholder commentary on the introduction of a minimum 5-year warranty for all reverse cycle air conditioners (RCAC) and heat pump water heaters (HPWH) up to 700L, in addition to introducing co-payments for all HPWH, RCAC and cold room upgrades.

Proposals will be guided by stakeholder responses with submissions for feedback closing 21 April 2024.

AEMC Draft Rules for CER Flexible Trading Extended

Earlier this year in February the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) created a draft determination seeking to improve flexibility and trading of consumer energy resources (CER). Unlocking flexible trading suggests that the integration will present a secure energy system for consumers to rely on.

Designed to create a mechanism for retailers and aggregators, the draft rule opens opportunities for households and businesses to develop the value of their assets and drive opportunities for innovation in energy products and services optimising CER value.

The AEMC has provided an extension with a ‘notice of rule not made within 12 months and the commencement of the rule change’ is now expected to be published by 11 July 2024. The proposed extension allows additional time for stakeholder response and feedback to finalise the draft determination.

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