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Power Bill’s Are Set to Spike

The Age and the Financial Review today announced that power bills will rise up to 18%. This is based on wholesale electricity prices surging from $48.90 MWh 6 months ago, to $77 in January, and over $100 in March. With coal above $300 US per tonne, gas over $40 MJ, and one of the big suppliers at war, the upward trajectory of the prices is likely to continue.

Whilst there are calls to help consumers out by forcing retailers to trim their margins, the only, and best way, to reduce power bills is to use less electricity and gas. Simple!

Installing solar pv, or changing your lights, air conditioner or hot water service to a more energy-efficient option will help. Turning off the beer fridge in the garage  can also make a difference. 

Fortunately, the governments are wanting to help businesses and households by providing generous rebates and incentives to reduce capital outlay and tax incentives to reduce cashflow impact.

Ecovantage, one of Australia’s biggest energy efficiency companies, have helped many businesses and householders take action.

Talk to Ecovantage today about how to take effective action against surging power bills now. 

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