Stepping into Mindfulness for a Happy and Productive Team

Like a lot of people and businesses, we are looking at what the ‘new normal’ may be like post-COVID, and we are particularly looking at the Building Back Better approach. 

After our successful afternoon tea engagement in the RUOK Day a few weeks ago, the Ecovantage ‘Re-Imagining Workplace’ team has delivered the first of four workshops with the fabulous Smiling Mind.     

Last Tuesday, 38 staff went online to participate in the first of the four workshops in the Creating Mindful Workplace program. Whilst some were in the Sydney and Adelaide offices, most were in their home offices following the very interesting and engaging Mindfulness program. 

Interaction was encouraged, at some stages interspersed with presentations by our facilitator Karen Haddon, a short video and even a meditation. Feedback has been good from the team and we look forward to progressing to Calm, Clarity and finally Connectedness

We look forward to the likely benefits to the individual, their community and the business through greater involvement in Mental Health First Aid, RUOK, Smiling Minds and other future programs. The likely outcomes are reduced absenteeism, better performance, reduced staff turnover, increased morale and many others, making it a very worthwhile investment. 

Ecovantage will progress through the October Mental Health Awareness Month very much aware of the benefits associated with good mental health and making sure our staff know that we care!

There is sure to be more to come as our broader ‘Re-Imagining’ the workplace project continues to deliver.


Looking forward to it!


Bruce Easton

Ecovantage CEO


If you’re interested in learning more about the programs Ecovantage is engaged in and how they can help your team, see:


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