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What is an All-Electric Home?

An All-Electric Home relies exclusively on electricity, distinguishing it from other residential properties that depend on alternative energy sources like natural gas.

The first step towards electrification is switching from gas and powering homes with renewable energy. This includes upgrading existing gas appliances like space heaters, hot water systems, and cooktops to their electric counterparts and powering them with solar.

Australia holds the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita globally, primarily from coal power. Mainly this results from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity, making it the largest contributor to Australia’s carbon emissions. Solar is the cleanest form of energy which does not create any greenhouse gases unlike the energy from fossil fuels.

Australian homes with solar

And it’s a big job ahead of us! While gas connections for new dwellings are being phased out in Victoria from January this year, there are 2 million existing homes that will require electrification.

The Australian National Carbon Emission Target is set to reach net zero by 2050. Currently, around 50% of Australian homes are powered by natural gas, with 76% of gas customers in Victoria. The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council has identified that powering Australian buildings, including residential homes, using renewable energy is a significant factor in achieving our 2050 emissions target. By transitioning to electricity, the mains gas connection can be disconnected, eliminating the daily supply charge which ranges from 70 to 90 cents per day, even when there is no gas usage.

Residents who are unable to install solar due to renting can look into investing in Green Power through their current electricity provider. Energy consumers can choose to purchase anywhere from 10% to 100% of their electricity from government accredited renewable sources.

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