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What To Expect When Installing Solar.

Here’s What Your Business Can Expect When Installing Solar.


Why Install Solar For Your Business?

Whilst, recent data from the Clean Energy Regulator shows that Australia has the highest uptake of solar PV globally with one in four homes having installed solar on their roof, Australian businesses (SMEs)are yet to take advantage of the sunny climate and benefit from this increasingly affordable source of energy. 

Business generally operates during the daytime which matches the potential for electricity production from solar on the office or warehouse. With a return on investments of only a few years and generous government incentives available, many businesses are making the move. 

Solar forms part of the solution. The great thing is that solar is a win-win. Not only does it help the planet, our own carbon footprint, but it also reduces our utility overheads by significantly reducing our electricity bill.

Landlords alike can help their rental tenants meet their future targets while enriching the relationship between renter and rentee as well.

It’s the single, largest area in which you can make a difference. Free electricity from the sun, a healthier sustainable outcome and an improved bottom line.

What Does The Process Look Like? 

Switching to solar is easy. An Approved Solar Retailer, like Ecovantage, will install a solar system, customised to your needs either onto your roof or onto a purpose-built structure ensuring optimum sun availability and avoiding heavily shaded areas.

Every day, the business is able to generate your electricity for use immediately replacing energy from the grid. For those with a battery, electric vehicle or other storage devices like electric forklifts, you’ll also be able to store it for later usage.

The process of installing solar panels on your business usually goes like this:

  1. Approach an Approved Solar PV retailer to analyse the business use and availability of appropriately oriented and constructed roof and produce a quote.   
  2. The quote will itemise;
    1. the type of panels 
    2. the size of your solar system 
    3. the type of inverter(s) 
    4. angles, available sunlight, shading and temperature 
    5. which brand and products best suit your situation
    6. Estimated savings and return on investment
    7. Estimated carbon savings 
  3. Receive your quote, consider the finance options and finalise the agreement 
  4. Finalise any relevant building approvals
  5. Book and complete the installation
  6. Arrange a meter or grid connection
  7. Enjoy the affordable, clean “locally grown” energy!

What Factors Will Determine The Best System For My Business?

Your solar system should be a reflection of your business’ needs.  Your Approved Solar Retailer will help you determine which solar system will best meet your needs and capacity. This will help ensure a healthy payback period and benefit from a strong return on investment for years to come.

Your solar system size and generating capacity may be dependent on some of the following factors:

  • Your building’s classification according to the Australian Building Code 
  • The positioning of your solar system 
  • The weight of the panels on your building 
  • How structurally sound your building is
  • Your geographic location
  • Your business’ goals – whether it’s carbon neutrality or a future-proof investment 

The Top 3 Takeaways.

Choose a System For Your Needs.

Making the switch to solar doesn’t need to be complicated. At Ecovantage, we do not sell systems off a price list and warn that any system that isn’t tailored to a site’s needs risks a poor outcome. We will help you determine which system size is suitable for your business, and customise the entire solution.

Get To Know Available Tariffs.

Electricity tariffs are the rates you pay for electricity. There may be multiple rates that you pay based on levels of demand. It’s important to remember that once you make the switch to solar, these rates may change. Your approved solar retailer should help you navigate this area to ensure you get the most viable option. At Ecovantage we pride ourselves on looking at the big picture and helping businesses avoid any nasty surprises by taking care of this for you.

Solar Batteries

Inform Yourself of Potential Changes.

It’s important that you’re fully aware of potential changes that might take effect when you switch to solar. While there are considerable benefits including the reduction of energy usage, there may also be rate changes or administration fees. Read on to see our suggested questions to ask your energy provider.


Remember that installing solar doesn’t need to be complicated and Ecovantage is here to help all the way through. If you have any questions or are even just a little bit interested, click the link below to learn more.

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Sourced from Clean Energy Council

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