Women’s Property Initiatives.

Energy Efficient Upgrades For Women’s Housing.

The Team at Women’s Property Initiatives.

Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) is an award-winning not for profit, community housing provider that creates new beginnings for women and children at risk of homelessness, through providing various forms of housing, access to support and ongoing advocacy. 

WPI offers so much more than just a home. They invest in women and children’s well-being and offer them an opportunity to thrive. Ecovantage admires WPI’s work and is committed to helping them where possible.

How We Were Able To Help.

Ecovantage recognises that the impact of rising electricity prices is hardest on those least able to afford them. Although a long term supporter of Women’s Property Initiatives, it was only recently that Ecovantage was able to team up with our good friends at Highline Electrical to install solar panels and heat pump hot water units at two of their houses in Melbourne’s North at no cost. Highline offers exceptional electrical services and has previously helped Ecovantage with a number of projects.

The 4.5kw of solar on each house will be likely to generate some 6,000 kW per year, providing most of the families power whilst the highly efficient heat pump hot water units replace the use of gas to heat the water. This heat pump hot water could save up to 75% of their hot water costs. Together, this is a long term solution for the families who will save at least $1,000 each year in energy bills (electricity and gas) and will be largely protected from future price rises! Environmentally, the houses will be reducing their carbon footprints by several tonnes of CO2e each year.

A Win-Win Outcome.

Access to affordable energy is an ongoing problem for many in Victoria and remains a barrier to sustainability. Ecovantage believes that it’s up to those who can help to offer assistance where possible. The fact that it is an environmentally friendly outcome achieves a major tenet for Ecovantage’s mission of delivering changes contributing to the fight against climate change. 

This is a win-win for both WPI and Ecovantage and it was a privilege to be able to deliver something as positive as this will be over a long term. We intend to make these the first of several more to follow. 

It was Ecovantage’s pleasure to complete this recent project with Highline Electrical.

Ecovantage thanks the Women’s Property Initiatives for their exceptional work with vulnerable women-led families. 

Women's Property Initiatives Highline Electrical

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