World Environment Day Re-Cap

World Environment Day is a global platform for inspiring a positive change and engaging people across the world to help protect our planet. Ecovantage is passionate about not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. To mark the occasion, we reached out to some of our Ecovengers to find out what they were doing to help create a positive change.


Katie aims to first focus on the small habits and small daily ins and outs that can help make a difference. She has started from a food perspective and is passionate about sourcing food locally, especially when it comes to food that is not industrially grown or raised. With locally grown food, you know it’s in season, the chemical load is lower, and it cuts out the plastic and packaging too.

In the future, Katie aims to make more of a focus from a household perspective, reducing emissions as a single household rather than a broad scale sense. By implementing more efficient lights, air conditioning and solar it allows you to help create a positive impact, without making drastic lifestyle changes.

“My biggest focus in terms of creating a positive impact on the environment is starting taking personal responsibility first.”


For 27 years, Tania has been combining her daily walks with making a difference. Everyday, Tania and her gorgeous Groodle, Teddy, go for an hour walk and bring along her trusty tongs and bucket to collect any discarded litter on the way. All rubbish collected is separated and recycled when possible. She even takes her tongs and on holiday with her and helped to clean up Uluru!

Each walk Tania and Teddy manage to collect around 4x 16 litre buckets of litter. That’s around 15 cubic metres of rubbish per year. That’s 370 cubic metres over 27 years, which is enough to fill around 2,500 bathtubs!

“I try and combine keeping myself healthy, giving the dog exercise and making a difference, because if I walk past it, I’m part of the problem. I figure if no one does it, it’s not going to get any better so someone needs to do it.”


Adrian’s household has been pretty close to packaging free and zero waste for 11 years. They take measures such as using reusable containers to buy from bulk food retailers, re-using materials as much as possible and as a last resort recycling and making sure everything goes into the correct recycling channels. This, alongside other lifestyle choices such as walking to work, composting, owning a green car and having 100% green power at home has lead Adrian’s household to be Carbon Positive since 2019!

“We try and re-use everything we possibly can, and when we can’t, we make sure we get them into the correct recycling channels.”

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