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Heat Pump


1.How loud is the heat pump?

The sound level is around 45 – 50 dB which is about a light background voice. If the unit is being installed against a brick wall you should be fine, if you have a bedroom next to the heat pump you may be able to hear it.

2.What is a twin system?

A twin system is when two heat pumps are connected to function as a single unit. This setup is commonly used in properties with high water usage. This is not available for rebates under the Victorian VEU scheme.

3.What is a split system?

Heat pumps can be categorised into mainly two types: split and integrated. Integrated units come with the compressor on top of the tank, whereas in split systems, the compressor is separated from the tank.

4.Why should I need to pay a deposit before installation?

Under the schemes, customers are required to pay a small amount as a minimum contribution. This payment is necessary for the customer to be eligible to claim the rebate.

5.How much does an expedited installation cost if my hot water system fails?

We do offer emergency installation services, and the cost associated with this service is $350 (subject to change). However, this service is available only in areas where we have local plumbers and electricians working for us under the scheme.

6.Why is there a travel fee for my installation?

Ecovantage is one of the largest certificate providers for government schemes, covering most postcodes in SA, NSW, and VIC. However, there are instances where the cost of transporting the tank from one location to a regional site can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. Due to this, some installations may incur a travel fee. We make sure to explain this to the customer upfront, ensuring transparency.

7.Do I have to arrange my own installer?

No, we will provide a licensed plumber and electrician for the installation. The cost of installation, decommissioning, and removal of old hot water unit will be included in the quotation.

8.Can I claim rebates myself?

No, you must engage an accredited provider to get rebates or discounts on a hot water system upgrade.

9.Can I install the compressor inside the house?

It is not recommended to install the compressor inside the house. Heat pumps require adequate airflow for proper operation, and installing a heat pump in a space with insufficient airflow can potentially lead to a faulty compressor and void the warranty.

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